10 December 2013

You might have heard about the Lambda Architecture (LA) already. Nathan Marz came up with this term for a generic data processing architecture, based on his experience working on distributed data processing systems at Backtype and Twitter. Really, people have been architecting and deploying LA-like systems for decades. In a sense, the LA is an extended event sourcing system, taking into account streaming data, at scale.

We (Nathan Bijnens and Michael Hausenblas) have been advocating the LA for a bit now, deploying it at customers, talking with colleagues at events about it and trying to collect material that helps people interested in the LA to do their job. This site is dedicated to document known cases of where the LA has been applied and sharing the lessons learned that come with it. Be it in terms of component selection, workflow optimization or query mediation.

Last but not least, this site depends on you. Yes, you. Because unlike the LA, neither Nathan nor I scale well, so we depend on community contributions: You built a system according to the LA? Great, let us know. Gave a talk on the LA? Wonderful, why not issuing a pull request? Have a project up on GitHub that contributes to the LA? Brilliant, raise an issue here and we’ll add it, eventually.

And now thanks for your time and enjoy the LA as much as we do!

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