24 July 2014


Deploop is a tool for LA clusters deployments.

Deploop system is based on three software components:

  • The Deploop engine: This is a Ruby application used for take the control of the cluster layers. With this command line tools, you can bootstrap a new cluster layer (batch layer, speed layer, serving layer), query the layer, start, stop o whatever.

  • The Deploop Puppet Enviroments Catalog: The configurations of these complex architectures are handle by means of Puppet, a set of Puppet recipes are the core of the architecture.

  • The Deploop Mcollective Agent: The orchestration engine Marionette Collective is the other core component in the Deploop architecture. The cluster operations are handle by means of this components and by means of a special MCollective agent: mcollective-deploop-agent plugin.

  • The Deploop GUI: This is a Ruby on Rails application in development, it’s a front end of the CLI engine.

Usage examples

deploop -f conf/cluster.json --deploy batch

deploop -f conf/cluster.json --deploy batch,speed,bus,serving

deploop --cluster production --layer batch --stop

deploop --cluster production --layer batch --start


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